Here’s what our customers have to say


“I love coming to the day centre every week. It has enabled me to live at home independently for longer and gives my son and daughter a break and peace of mind that I am being well looked after. I enjoy a good lunch and look forward to a nice bath when I come as I can’t manage the stairs at home anymore to access the bathroom.”

“Day care is good, and I enjoy coming to All Hallows. I like watering the plants, gardening, arts and crafts and dancing with the staff who are good but also funny and cheeky.”
“I enjoy all of day care, particularly singing and talking to everyone. The staff are brilliant and need a pay rise! Although I wasn’t sure in the beginning, I now feel wonderful after coming to the centre.”
“I love it here; the people are nice to me. I like all the staff and the food is great. If I didn’t come here, I’d be sitting at home on my own, so it is lovely to have company and lots to do. I particularly enjoy doing arts and crafts.”