Here’s what our customers have to say

“I come to the Centre every day and I enjoy it because there’s always something going on and people are in and out all the time. I am a Spurs supporter and used to play football and cricket, so I like joining in with games.” Jim
“I like talking to the girls when I come here. I used to be sporty and enjoyed tennis and hockey. I was also quite good at French.” Joyce
“I come here twice a week and like meeting people and having a bath. The staff are all very nice and I like chatting to everyone and help them when I can. Don













“I live on my own so I really enjoy the company when I’m here. I have made so many friends here, everyone is so friendly. I don’t know what I’d do if the place closed down.” June
“I’ve only been coming here for about six weeks, but I’m really enjoying it. We have a laugh and I have made some good friends.” Bob
“I come to the Centre two days a week. I enjoy coming here because I see different faces.” Marguerite













“I like to relax when I spend time here. It’s very peaceful and they play good music.” Howard
“Coming to the Centre means a lot. I can talk to people my own age. My body might be dead but my mind is very much alive and that’s why I like joining in with quizzes and codewords.” Helen
“I come here every day. I enjoy it because it keeps me mobile. I have made some good friends and I like it when we have activities.” Keith