Here’s what our customers have to say

“If I couldn’t come to the day centre during the week and without the support of the staff, I would more than likely have been in a care home a long time ago.” Jim
“I come here every day. I enjoy it because it keeps me mobile. I have made some good friends and I like it when we have activities.” Keith












“Coming to the day centre means everything to me. I enjoy seeing my friends and it gives my wife a well-earned break knowing I am safe and happy.” Patrick
“Life can be lonely on my own, so it makes a pleasant break to spend time here. I particularly enjoy making new friends.” Maud












“Coming to the Centre means a lot. I can talk to people my own age. My body might be dead but my mind is very much alive and that’s why I like joining in with quizzes and codewords.” Helen
“Coming here means the absolute world to me. I enjoy everything about it – the staff are very caring and treat everyone with respect, I have made some great friends and of course, I love the musical entertainment.” Bill