Here’s what our customers have to say

“I come to the day centre twice a week which gives my husband the opportunity to do something that he is interested in without having to worry about me. I’ve always been a creative person and enjoy knitting and sewing, so the arts and crafts sessions are perfect for me. I enjoy the company and the staff are very friendly and helpful.”

“The thing I like most is the company. If I didn’t come here, I would be on my own. I like to meet people and enjoy the activities on offer, particularly the quizzes as they keep my brain going. The staff are very good to me and if I could, I would come here all the time.”

“I have been coming twice a week since lockdown. I live on my own, so the day centre gives me the company I need. I tend to fall and wouldn’t be able to leave the house if it wasn’t for the minibus coming to pick me up. Whatever the day brings, I am happy to do. The staff are very nice and I enjoy the food.”

“I live in Lakenheath and my wife brings me twice a week. It provides a break for both of us and if I didn’t come here, I would just be sitting at home. The staff look after me and it’s nice to see different people and join in the activities. The food is very nice too.”

“It’s really nice to get out and see people as I live on my own. I started coming to Brandon Day Centre twice a week when my husband passed away. The staff are all very good. They are here when I need support and I like that. When I’m here, I enjoy doing crafts and quizzes and a very nice lunch. It’s great to have a choice.”

“I’ve been coming to the centre for quite a few years now. live at home with my husband and son but enjoy getting out to see different people. I love coming here and particularly enjoy the lovely food and playing bingo. The staff are really friendly. We have a good rapport and have a laugh together.”