Alice’s story

Alice has been an active volunteer for about 34 years since moving to Brandon and over the years, has held two or three voluntary roles at a time.

She first started volunteering at Brandon Day Centre when it opened in 2000 and stayed for about six years before leaving to take on a new voluntary role at a local Seniors Club. She returned back to the Day Centre on a regular basis about a year ago, and now volunteers once a week with our members.

“I wanted to become a volunteer because I needed something extra to do”, says Alice. “I find most people are fascinating if you give them the chance to talk. I particularly enjoy that sense of achievement when you have been able to help or support someone. After all, most people can do with a helping hand sometimes.”

When asked what a difference volunteering has made to Alice’s life, she told us, “Volunteering and keeping busy makes me happy. It is uplifting and improves my general wellbeing.”

“My advice to anyone considering volunteering would be, don’t sit and think about it, find out what opportunities are out there and see what you can do to help.”